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Mom Behind the Viewfinder Circa mid-1960s

I asked my Mom to send me some of her photos of the cherry blossoms when she and her co-workers would go to see them during their lunch hour when they worked for the government […]

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Day Trippin’ to see Cherry Blossoms

I’ve been watching the weather, waiting for these beauties to come into full bloom, and Monday was the day to go and catch the cherry blossoms in all of their glory.  (Weekends are absolutely insane trying […]

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The Magic of the Darkroom

Magic happens in the darkroom.  Film in your camera develops a life of its own, and you have 100 percent control over the outcome in all phases of this process called film photography.  With all […]

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The Manatee in Marathon

The sunsets were amazing in Marathon, and along with the stunning colors of the evening, those of us that gathered along the water’s edge each evening were also treated to some other amazing sitghts of […]

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Seeking out the Manatees

A few years ago while I was in Florida, I read an article on Blue Spring State Park, which has many wonderful amenities, one of which includes a hot spring.  Blue Spring is the largest […]

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2015 Calendar Winners!

As I posted yesterday, this year’s calendar came together at the very last minute, and had I taken my time and added favorite photos throughout the year, I may have chosen some different photos.  One […]

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Photos that Didn’t Make My 2015 Calendar

For the past couple of years, I have compiled my favorite photos into a calendar.  Then last year, I limited my calendar to photos I had taken in the past year.  It would be an […]

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Photos from the Road

It’s been a whirlwind week of “on the go.”  That’s how it goes in my life most of the time.  I usually don’t spend much time in any one place when I travel, unless I […]

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Worth A Million Words

I love these two photos I took the other night of my friend’s daughter before her homecoming dance. I love the interaction between the two of them, and how they are looking at each other. […]

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Inhaling the Last of Indian Summer

Enjoying the last few whispers of warm weather on the water. Fall colors are beginning to invade the trees here in the mid-Atlantic. Time to wrap up another summer and early fall, and look forward […]

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