Goodbye Hummingbirds :(

I saw a hummingbird here at this house in May, and rushed to put out my feeders and then …. nothing.  No hummingbirds at the feeders for most of the summer.  I was SO bummed.

But I kept the feeders clean and kept putting them out.

Then I saw a hummingbird over by the Leland Cypress tress on August 1st, and I posted about it here.

I rushed and put out the feeders again, and the hummingbird kept coming.  (They are SO territorial, so usually the same one visits the feeder, although you will occasionally see more than one trying to visit the feeder and then the hummingbird that has claimed the feeder will rush in and chase off the other hummingbird.)  However, the feeder was too far away from the house.

So I moved it closer to the house, and the hummingbirds found it.  I LOVE seeing the hummingbirds visiting the feeders.

And finally, on September 12, I got out the camera and began photographing the hummingbird.


Here she is perched on a shepherd’s hook.  This is a female, because she does not have the beautiful ruby throated coloring that the male has.

_DSC2503LLRShe is puffed up, guarding her territory.  Then I set up the hummingbird photography studio:

IMG_1525LRThree stand alone flashes and my camera mounted on a tripod, all connected with a remote, so I could stand inside of the house and when I saw the hummingbird come to the feeder I just pushed the button on the remote and the camera and all of the flashes went off,  (I put duct tape on three of the four openings on the feeder so I knew which opening the hummingbird would go to), and I waited for the magic to happen:

_DSC2546LR_DSC2547LR_DSC2548LR_DSC2551LR_DSC2556LR_DSC2573LR_DSC2587LR_DSC2566LRIn this photo, you can see the hummingbird’s tongue sticking out.

I took hundreds of photos of the hummingbird just to get these few fairly good shots.

Now the hummingbirds have left, and are migrating south, as far as Central America to spend the winter months.

When the hummingbirds return at the beginning of May next year, I will photograph them much more often.

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  1. Karen September 29, 2015 at 2:07 pm #

    LOVE these photos!! The hummingbirds are so pretty, I do miss how many would fly past us in California every day, they were literally everywhere. Great work!

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