Halloween 2015 vs. Halloween 2004-2014

imageHalloween 2015 was the dawn of a new era in Halloween celebrating for me.  The Captain and I shared our first Halloween together ever, and as a married couple.  A lot of firsts this year.  This is technically our second year celebrating Halloween in this house, however, last year, I went to my house in Churchton since we had just moved, and the Captain held down the fort here.

image image image imageThis year, the Captain and I worked as a team and did a great job decorating the place.  We waited until Halloween to put up our collection of blow-up Halloween props.  The Captain was concerned about the neighborhood competition, but I think we nailed it.  That being said, I think it’s so cool when people decorate their houses in some fashion for the big night of Trick or Treating.

_DSC3541LR image image imageI carved 13 pumpkins for the big night.  Thanks, so much to my friend, Heather, for getting me started carving.  We usually get together one day the week of Halloween to create at least a couple of pumpkin masterpieces together.  It is an event we both look forward to.

I started a tradition a few years ago of giving out full sized candy bars.  It was something my Granny did, and I wanted to carry on the legacy.

We bought 60 full sized bars based on the Captain’s memory from last year.  He said about 35 kids, so I erred on the side of caution.  I also purchased a bag of temporary tattoos for those kids who can’t eat candy.  They were little boxes that contained four tattoos each.  We were set.


I got my makeup on, as I love to dress for Halloween as much as the kids do.

image image

The Captain lit all of the candles and pumpkins set throughout the yard, and also lit the fire pit.

We had kids come early, before 6:00 p.m.  The count was on. Mostly the kids came in groups and we got lots of compliments on our decorations.

About 8:30 p.m., the Halloween candyfest was over.

imageWe had a total of 94 kids.

We almost ran out of candy, but luckily we didn’t.

imageI put on the rest of my costume, and the Captain (who does not dress for Halloween) and I went out to the Jetty Dock Bar to check out the costumes and listen to music and have a cocktail (or two).


Me posing with the Mad Hatter (he was one of the finalists)

This year was awesome on so many levels.

IMG_6555Halloween 2014 at my old house in the Manor was awesome too.  I will miss it.

There were 350 trick or treaters last year that got full size candy bars.

The kids mentioned the lack of full size candy bars to my neighbor this year.  (There were no full sized bars.)

IMG_6556However it wasn’t until this year, when I had help that I realized how exhausting getting ready for Halloween was in past years.  I was a one woman show, except for some help with the fire pit, and anything else heavy.

I had to light my own pumpkins, candles, cook chili and get myself ready.



The kids came in huge waves.

However, I barely had time to take it all in before it was over.

IMG_6558I have myself to blame, as I added more decorations and pumpkins, and full sized candy bars, and put the fire pit in the drive way for the adults to sit and visit, because everyone seemed to congregate on my front porch.

And I loved it.


I would do it again in a minute.

IMG_6560 IMG_6561 And I am.  Creating new memories in a new place.

That is awesome.


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