This Beautiful Little Lady :)

I love photographing her.


Her Mom has insisted that I capture this little lady’s life since she was in her Mom’s belly.  As I look through all of these photos over the past five years, I am honored that Mom had such faith in me as an average photographer who was just learning.  The little lady’s Mom I have known since she was in her Mom’s belly some 30 years ago.  I have known the Mom’s Mom since 9th grade in high school.  How is that for a history lesson?
ry=400-1I have definitely improved over the years, and I give Mom and daughter the credit for letting me continue to hone my portrait photography skills.ry=400-2Plus, the little lady is just so photogenic.

ry=400-4On this day, she was hanging onto the car door, wanting to go home 🙂  I swear she looks like Drew Barrymore when she was in E.T.

Some of my photo shoots of this little lady in the early days weren’t very productive, and there aren’t many shots that turned out very good.


ry=400-6I have improved my photo editing skills so much since these early days 🙂

As you get older, you really realize how fragile life is.

When I look at this precious little human being I am overwhelmed with emotion.

I want only the best for this little girl, and her family.

Nothing is to be taken for granted.

Every moment is a gift.

Sometimes we need to read other people’s words to realize what real loss and struggle is like.

Some of the crap we focus on isn’t even important.

Thank you for that lesson.

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  1. Marlene May 27, 2015 at 6:19 am #

    I can see how your skills have grown just like the little lady has. They are beautiful photographs. The thing is, I can see the love and care you put into them. That is special.

  2. Doris May 27, 2015 at 6:29 am #

    Kathy, what a beautiful post, I literally am crying. I love all the photos you have taken of her over the years. Life is fragile and precious and as I looked at the pics posted above it brought back so many memories. I am so thankful that you have captured her in these photos, I hope you can continue to do photo shoots with her. I am blessed that our friendship that started so long ago has transcended from friendship to family – love you!

    • Kathy Passmore May 27, 2015 at 10:23 am #

      Now I am crying! I realized the other day, that I really enjoy photographing her and watching her grow and thrive. She is such a happy little girl, and I attest that to the strong family bond she has not only with her Mom and Dad, but all of her extended family. Thank you for making me part of your family 🙂

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