2008 Christmas Card 2-Page Spread

2008 Christmas Cards

I love this project!  So, I still have other years worth of Christmas Cards to go through, but they are packed away, out of reach and out of sight, and they will wait for another day.

Busy day of packing and getting ready to go away.  Tomorrow I'm going out with my photography teacher to look at an exhibit of another teacher on Capitol Hill and then off to the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria for lunch and shopping.

Thinking about taking some scrapbooking supplies with me on this trip, but definitely taking my sketchbook and colored pencils, and markers.  Maybe I'll just stick with those supplies and force myself to get back to drawing (which I do really love).

If nothing else, looking forward to warmer weather.

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  1. I love these! I’ve been collecting my Xmas card for a couple of years too and will do this *eventually* 😀 I’ll share when I do.

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