2016 Calendar Winners

2016 Calendar Winners

For the past several years, I have created a calendar for family and friends.  I take LOTS of photos every year.  As of this writing, I have taken 9,990 photos (primarily with my iPhone and my Nikon D300 DSLR).

In January, I will make a folder entitled:  2017 Calendar.  I then put photos in there throughout the year of 2016 (ideally), and in December when Shutterfly has a sale every five minutes, I order the calendars for the following year.

This year’s winners include:

IMG_7453LRJanuary:  Ice on Cox Creek, Chester, Maryland

_DSC9363LRFebruary:  Royal terns, Beverly Beach, Florida

_DSC9885LRMarch:  Manatee drinking fresh water from a garden hose, Grassy Key, Florida

DSC_5164 copyLRApril:  Peacock, Arnold’s Wildlife and Rehabilitation Center, Okeechobee, Florida

IMG_9893LRMay:  Sea Lion, Pier 39, San Francisco, California

_DSC2547LRJune:  Ruby-throated hummingbird, Chester, Maryland

(this photo was captured using four off camera flashes, which freezes the birds’ wings)

_DSC1639LRJuly:  An osprey feeding its family. Herrington Harbour South, North Beach, Maryland

(I happened to grab the camera right in time to catch this shot on the boat coming out of them marina at Herrington Harbour South)

_DSC3580LRAugust:  Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Maryland

(This photo was taken with my telephoto lens from the eastern side of the Bay)

DSCF1793LRSeptember:  Swimming with the fishes, Grand Bahama Island

(I took this photo with my Fujifilm underwater camera on an excursion from a cruise on Carnival out of Baltimore.)

IMG_8544LROctober:  Spider web covered in dew, Kissimmee Prairie Preserve, Okeechobee, Florida

(The Captain saw this dew covered spider web, and called me to get the camera. SO glad I did!)

_DSC3028LRNovember:  Great Blue Heron, Palatka, Florida

This heron was sitting absolutely still on this post on the dock going to the boat.  I had the Captain wait about thirty minutes before boarding the boat so I could get THIS shot of the rising sun illuminating the bird’s chest.

_DSC9654LRDecember:  Sunset, Marathon, Florida

The sunsets in Marathon were amazing.  We were staying at the Jolly Roger RV Resort.  Every evening, there was a sunset celebration on the dock.  Someone would blow the conch shell which announced that the sun had set.  This sunset was particularly amazing.  It looks as if the sun is melting into the water.  The pelican flying across the photo was definitely an added bonus.

That’s a wrap for the 2016 calendar.  Here are some honorable mentions:

_DSC3551LRThis photo was taken at Terrapin Beach Park in Stevensville on a beautiful fall day when the sun was low in the sky and the light was just fabulous.

_DSC3578LR Terrapin Beach Park on the same day as the photo above.

_DSC3255LRA red shouldered hawk, Sanford, Florida

Excited to see what photographic opportunities 2016 presents.

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