3’s of Me


This is a post going around Facebook, so I decided to post mine on my blog (which automatically posts to my Facebook page).

Three names I go by:
1. Kathy
2. Kat
3. Kathy Brat (Thanks to Nanette, her 4 1/2 year old grandson also calls me this)

Three Jobs I have had in my life
1. Secretary
2. Office Manager

3. Writer/Photographer

Three Places I have lived
1. Kings Manor — White Plains, MD

2. Nanjemoy, Maryland
3. Churchton, MD
Three Favorite drinks
1. Sweet Tea
2. Captain & Cranberry
3. Strawberry Daquari

3 Shows that I watch..
1. Anything on the Food Network
2. Ruby
3. Dancing With the Stars

Three places I have been
1. London

2. Buenos Aires 
3. British Virgin Islands

People that text me regularly
1. Rarely text (a phone call is SO much better)

Three of my favorite foods
1. Southern Cooking
2. Chocolate
3.  Summer tomatoes

Three friends I think will respond
1. Not sure, do I even have 3 friends?


Three Things I am looking forward to
1. Beach Vacation with the family for 10 days (in 10 days)

2. Fall Photography Classes at the community college
3. Traveling to Washington State and driving down the coast through Oregon (hopefully this fall).

Three things I did today
1. Let some stuff go that I had no control over

2. Spent time with a girlfriend at the pool
3. Sorted photographs

Three Favorite Bands/Musicians
1. Aerosmith

2. Green Day
3. Eva Cassidy

Three things you might not know

1. I am in the process of growing my hair really long (as long as it doesn't look stringy).
2. I can't walk away from an animal in need. 
3. I love to travel and equally love being at home.

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