A Baby Shower

Tiffany at her baby shower today. 

It makes me wonder what I missed not having kids of my own — from the perspective of my good friend, and Tiffany's Mom (Doris) — who is about to become a first time grandmother, and from Tiffany herself as an about to be new Mom.  She is a very fortunate young woman with a great husband and this baby is SO wanted, and Tiffany also has a good family support system.  I can't wait to meet Isabelle Jeanne.

I never knew babies needed SO MUCH STUFF!  Tiffany got some great hand made gifts as well.  It was great being in attendance today and sharing in this joyful occasion.  May all of Tiffany and Paul's days as new parents be as happy (NOT, I know, but I can wish that it be so).

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