A Birthday and Re-Thinking Creative

Nanette's BirthdayLRNanette's Birthday CakeLRCelebrated my friend, Nanette's, birthday yesterday.  Hope she had a great day!

Internet problems kept me from posting yesterday 🙁

I am working on getting an album together from Camp Kathy 2011.  I made an album for each of my nieces last year using my Zutter Bind-It-All, which I thought would work out fine, until I printed out all of my photos:

The stack of photos was larger than the album, so I knew that was NOT going to work.  So, onto Plan B:

Taking out the binding, and inserting two binder rings instead.  That way, I can move the pages around, add memoribilia, journaling, etc. without worrying about messing up the order of the photos or the binding.  Great plan!

A finished album with photos.  I just need to add some journaling and memoribilia, and this will be one of the gifts the girls get this year when they come to Camp Kathy, an album of photos from last year's Camp Kathy.  (Going forward, I totally plan to get the album to them way before the next year's camp — just sayin').

The inside cover — this is Elizabeth's album, so a photo of the three of us, then Ellie by herself, Ashley's album is set up the same way.

Another page from Ellie's album — no journaling yet, just getting the photos where they belong for right now.

On a totally unrelated note, I had the healthy salad down below, and stale bread, and I made croutons.  Cut up stale bread, sautee in olive oil and garlic until golden brown.  Yummy goodness in your salad!

Looks like I'm back in business with the Internet (at least for now…)

P.S.  Camp Kathy invitations for 2012 go out tomorrow 🙂

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