A Butterfly is Born, Part II

DSC_7694 copy
I knew this second butterfly was bound to come out yesterday, yet, in spite of all of my diligence by watching the cocoon, it appeared, as if by magic.  Like I've said before, the butterfly emerges in a couple of seconds. That is a good thing, that means a healthy butterfly.

DSC_7701 copy
The cocoon is right there and the butterfly needs to get out and dry its wings in mere seconds or they'll be deformed and it won't be able to fly and thrive.

DSC_7727 copy
Hanging out and getting used to its new body.

DSC_7754 copy
The last shot, the butterfly is out of the caterpillar castle, right before it flies away.  I never get tired of being a part of this process.  I hope I get more caterpillars on my parsley before fall.   

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