A Butterfly is Born

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Feeling really sort of blah today, it is one of those rain all day kind of days, and I am not complaining about the rain at all, we really need it.  Just feeling stuck in a rut, nothing seems to be working out like I thought with getting my stuff out there, which was a definite goal this year.  So rethinking the possibilities, and really studying what makes it and what doesn't, and more importantly WHY.

So decide to tackle the trash and recycling, and walk outside and I see a butterfly floating around in the caterpillar castle!  Definite smile on my face as I run and get the camera.  It took roughly 10 days for the butterfly to emerge from chrysalis.  

On August 8th, the caterpillar was just beginning the chrysalis phase:
DSC_7307 copy One day later it looked like this:

DSC_7354 copy copy
The transformation in just one day is amazing.

And ten days later:

DSC_7642 copy
A beautiful and more importantly, HEALTHY black swallowtail butterfly emerges.  So, I opened the castle so it could fly away and live its life.  The process of the butterfly coming out of the cocoon is so quick, like a couple of seconds, it's vital that they get out quickly because their wings are wet and they need to spread them and flap them around so that they dry in their fully extended form.  I have yet to see a healthy butterfly emerge from its cocoon, I just see it flying around the castle after the fact.

DSC_7671 copy
Outside of the castle.

DSC_7352 copy
This chrysalis is still there — hoping this butterfly will emerge in the next day or two.

I am just fascinated with this process.  It literally brings tears to my eyes.  

I love days when butterflies are born.      

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