A Day Trip to the Beach

I love going to the beach, any time of the year.  All of my life I have gone to Ocean City, Maryland.  It was the place my Mom took me and my siblings every single summer while we were growing up.  For a girl who grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, my mother has always loved the beach, even to this day.  After looking at the weather for the rest of this week, I decided that Monday would be the best day to take a day trip to the beach.  I live within 90 minutes of Ocean City, so I was beach bound.  Sometimes I can fit in a visit to Assateague to see the horses, but I wasn’t able to stop to see them on this trip.

An inlet Ocean City landmark.  I walked the entire 2 plus mile board walk from the very tip of the inlet all the way to 28th street.  Lots of memories of this place as a child and as an adult.  The parking lot at the inlet was open for business.  I can’t ever remember it being open so early in the season.  However, there always seems to be something going on at the beach every weekend, no matter the season.

IMG_9194LRThere is something so cool about being at the beach in the off-season, when it’s colder but quiet, great for reflecting.  (Dogs are allowed on the beach until April 30th).

IMG_9197LRBefore all of the high school seniors arrive in early June after graduation (I was one of those seniors way back in the day), and that really marks the beginning of summer in Ocean City, Maryland.

I know I’ll be back before the full season begins, and of course I’ll pay a visit to Assategue to check in on the horses.

And I’ll be back during the full summer rush.  There is nothing like sitting on the boardwalk and people watching. It’s a favorite pastime.

There is something magical about the beach.

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