A Garden Journal for 2010

Morning Glories popping up out of the dirt.

I finally got around to creating a garden journal for this year to document all the seeds I planted and how they do and where I plant them and of course include photos of each of the seeds I planted when they come up.  Basically a place to take notes and have a cute mini book at the same time.  I included tabs for all of the spring/summer months to document my flowers and garden this year. 

Things are in high gear around here with the end of the semester rapidly approaching, spring beckoning me to be outside ALL the time, plants from Homestead Gardens that need to be planted, walking the dogs, working, and really focusing on eating super healthy and fitting in a daily workout.

Spring just rejuvenates me!

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  1. ok, so here’s a stupid question from someone who never grows by seedlings. i have to packs of marigold seeds, and i just want to throw them into a pot and watch them grow. i don’t want to start inside, which is probably find down here. i just don’t know how many seed i actually use. if i have like a 14″ pot, do i use a whole pack?

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