A Good Weekend


I finally made the plunge — I bought a Mac over the weekend.  It was a long time in coming, and so far, I'm in LOVE.  The learning curve isn't all that hard, and the Mac appears to be very user friendly.  It even has a built in camera:

Photo 2

There was a slight glitch (which I hope will not turn into a major drama) the cord to the external hard drive which was connected to the back of the Windows PC is very short and got yanked out when I was trying to get the cable modem out of the back of the computer to plug into the Mac.  I was in the process of transferring photos from the PC to the external hard drive.  I got an error message on Windows, and the external hard drive is no longer responding.  I unplugged it, and plugged it back in, and NOTHING.  I hope it's not dead.  I still have all of my photos residing on two Windows computers.  It will be a long process to get everything transferred over to the Mac if the external hard drive is dead.

I did buy MS Office Professional for the Mac and also iwork and will load them at some point.  I am going to have to buy Photoshop for the Mac (I have a PC version) but will be able to get a student discount, which really helps.

A great day on Saturday on the Chesapeake Bay 😉  If only I could spend every Saturday like that as well as eating succulent crab cake sandwiches….crab meat is so sweet this time of year.

Work all day today, then working out, and setting up the Mac.  Tomorrow a LONG day at school (but fun, too).

So thankful for all of my blessings …

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