A Great Photo Op


Today was one of those days I am so grateful that I always have a camera in my purse.  Just my little point and shoot Nikon Coolpix with its 6.1 megapixels — not too shabby at all.  This horse farm is literally five minutes from my house.  I often drive by here and see the horses grazing and have seen lots of really good photo ops.  There's only one problem.  There's NO where to pull over.  The farm is located on a busy two lane road with lots of traffic.  However, today, the horses were far enough down the pasture that it was near a turnoff lane to another road.  When I saw the horses, I immediately pulled over and took these shots.


This one above is my favorite 😉


The horses were very friendly and came over to the fence.  I think they thought I had something to eat.  I wish I had some carrots or apples to feed them.


I love horses.  I have always wanted one.  Maybe I should volunteer at one of these horse farms and get a reality check on what's involved in the care of a horse.  That way, I can also be around the horses and pet them and feed them apples and carrots whenever I want.  

That sounds like a good plan.  (After this semester is over — four weeks and counting…)

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