A Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Kind of Day


This is what I had for lunch today after a trip to Jiffy Lube to take the Jeep in for an oil change and of course, there's always something else.  Today it was the serpentine belt and I had the radiator flushed and winterized.  The carpet on the passenger side of the Jeep is soaking wet — rain is getting in through the window, so something else that needs to be dealt with.  I keep saying I want to sell the Jeep, but then when I drive it like I did today, it runs so good I feel like I want to keep it.  I'm nothing if not wishy washy.

It is a chilly sort of day, one that makes me want to be indoors creating things instead of out mulching/blowing leaves.  It's only 49 degrees!  But a great warming trend is on the way, and it is supposed to be 60 tomorrow, and 68 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, with no rain!

Going to get caught up with Ali's class Yesterday & Today, and

Work on my Lauren Greenfield presentation for Monday.

Have a Great Weekend!

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