A Hot Hike (Or Day in the Life #2)

A hungry baby yesterday morning.  I am not so good with the photographing everything in my day so much this week because this is such an unusual week, but I'm gonna roll with it.  

Yesterday was the day of the planned hike to Calvert Cliffs State Park, with my friend, Nanette and her grandson, Wyatt, (who is Ashley's age).  The attendant at the gate to the park gave me three sharks teeth for the kids in the event that they didn't find any fossils or shark's teeth (very cool).

Eli, Wyatt and Ashley at the beginning of our 3.6 mile hike (1.8 miles to the Bay to search for shark's teeth and fossils).

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Finally at the Bay, with a wonderful breeze!  It was a long and hot hike, and we have to trek 1.8 miles BACK to the car and our picnic lunch.  We brought water and snacks on the hike, we just underestimated how much water we would need on a hot day like yesterday.  The terrain was relatively flat and for the most part shaded, which was a huge help.

Eating a snack before heading back to the car.

The hike back was hot, sweaty and slow.  A precious token was broken and then dropped and lost, lots of tears, and my words of encouragement and support did little to rectify the situation.  (A phone call to Mom, however, did the trick).  We FINALLY made it back to the car and our lunch at an obliging picnic table in the shade (no photos at all of that event, too hot and just plain too tired).

I should have headed home after the hike and picnic, but the girls wanted to go to the pool.  After 45 minutes, one was done, the other one wanted to stay, and we ended up going home.  

Ashley throwing the ball to Annie in the back yard.

Tacos for dinner and a relaxing evening with a movie for Ashley, reading for Eli, and me trying to stay awake.

Low key for the rest of the week, and hopefully keeping it fun for the girls.

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  1. Love your photos! Looks like you had a lot of fun on your hike. I wish my children were older so we can do those activities. =)

  2. Thanks! It goes by SO FAST, your kids will be hiking before you know it!

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