A Little Whimsy and Photo Developing


I posted my Dreams w/o Drama page because no scrapbook magazine would ever publish it.  They are a little uptight when it comes to defining art.  And that beautiful woman in those photos is art.  (The white specks against the red background is snow).  I highly recommend visiting Sedona, AZ where I took these photos.  Art is everywhere (nature and man made), and is really a beautiful place to visit.  I have the perfect trip itinerary for visiting Sedona — e-mail me and I’ll pass it on.



I spent the weekend working on NYIP Unit 3.  I completed the lessons on Natural Lighting, Available Lighting and Artificial Lighting.  I also went to CVS and had three rolls of film developed.  Two of the rolls were taken this past week, and the other roll I found in my camera bag, and was taken in the spring of 2005.  All of the film I had developed was at least three and a half years old, and it developed fine.  I still have about eight rolls of old film and six rolls of new film and I am going to take and develop ALL of them.  I also used the manual settings on my camera which does have an automatic metering system to assist in obtaining the right exposure – I was really glad of that.  Here is a photo I had developed:


Pink Day Lilies

I scanned in the photo and it looks grainy – but the print doesn’t at all.  These pink day lilies are in my yard and are going to be in full bloom tomorrow and are going to be absolutely gorgeous.  They are very low maintenance and spread like crazy.


I didn’t get to work on Ali’s kit as much as I would have liked.  I painted the chipboard album, but I don’t like the way it turned out, so I need to figure out if I’m going to repaint it or cover it with patterned paper.  I also have Shimelle’s class to work on, and I haven’t kept up with any of the assignments from last week (to create a specific themed 2-page spread).  I need to get more organized for this week and get back on my own creative track.  I really want to work on a creating a basic formula for a travel album that I can use to quickly scrapbook several trips.


P.S.  I haven’t seen Ranger (the stray cat) in a week.  I hope he is okay, and hope someone is feeding him. 

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