A Long Hiatus


It feels so good to blog again.  I took a long break because I needed to:  recharge my creative batteries, refocus on what I want to write about (photography and travel), and mostly I was just tired.  I had so much going on in the fall that I was just going through the motions of getting something on the blog.  My focus going forward is going to be more thoughtful which will require me to come up with posts in advance. I am also going to re-work things on the blog page so it will freshen things up.   It may take a little tweaking, but here it goes again.

I have taken a break from the darkroom this semester, and in fact loaned out my film camera and tank to a starving student.  I hope she is making some good prints.  I always try to help the kids I go to school with and work with, because I was there once, barely making enough to get by, and I remember those that gave me a helping hand along the way.

I also took a break from photography for awhile as well.  Mostly because my camera and lens needed to be sent in for repair, and after they came back, I sort of lost my mojo for photography for awhile.  It happens.

Spring came back to the Chesapeake Bay early this year.  Everything is blooming almost a month early, or so it seems to me.  I think the awakening of spring also awakened my creative energy.

Welcome back to my online home.  :)

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