A Much Needed Low Key Weekend

DSCN1103The weekend was SO relaxing.  I did a whole lot of nothing, and I also did a lot of little things 

  • organizing photos from the trip
  • giving lots of love and attention to the dogs and cats
  • laundry
  • planting my seedlings
  • printed out the photos and did the journaling for four out of five National Park page layouts
  • met my friend Nanette at the pool yesterday for lunch and lounging and sunbathing.  This was the first Memorial Day in a LONG time that it was really hot enough to go swimming (low 90s)
  • cooked some food (nice change from eating on the road for 11 days — even though I do LOVE Cracker Barrel, I've had enough of that for a long while)
  • watched the last two weeks of Dancing With the Stars.  Even though I know Nicole won, I enjoyed watching the final performances.
  • stopping by to visit with the neighbors

Plans for this week include getting the photos uploaded and printed through Shutterfly, and documenting the stories from the trip.  I had SO many good intentions to journal, but at the end of the day I was too tired.

That's just how life goes sometimes, not going to beat myself up about it, just look at the over 1,000 photos I took and start documenting.

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