A New (and Exciting) Adventure

imageLast Wednesday morning the Captain woke me up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for our new adventure. He had packed most of our stuff in the truck the night before.  He loaded our dogs, MJ and Annie, into the truck in their crates. We finally got on the road at 6:15 a.m., about an hour later than we had planned. We headed south on I-95 to I-85. Our destination was Concord, North Carolina to pick up the RV we purchased a couple of weeks prior.

A nice young gentleman named Chris, who worked at the dealership where we purchased the RV, went over every inch of our new home on wheels with us, demonstrating how everything worked. He had personally checked the RV prior to our arrival to make sure all components were in good working order, from the hot water heater, to the stove, to the awning. He even demonstrated to the Captain how to attach the sway bars to keep the trailer steady.  Even the toilet works differently than it does at home.

After our lesson, we were invited to spend the night at the campground on the RV dealership lot to do a test run,  and if we had any questions, help was just a few feet away. The campground just happened to be at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which was virtually deserted.

The Captain had no problems driving and parking the RV into our camping spot. Fortunately, he was able to pull straight into the site. We hooked up everything successfully.

There were only a few other brave souls camping.  We talked to the folks next to us, and they were hanging out in the Charlotte area, visiting all of the NASCAR garages, museums and the Hall of Fame. They were heading to Daytona for the 500, and were going to be camping out in the infield. They told us that they paid $500 for a week of dry camping (no hook-ups, so no electric, sewer or running water).

We were also heading to Daytona for the festivities leading up to the 500..  We had thought about camping in the infield as well at  theDaytona International Speedway, but we were unsure if we wanted to camp there our first time owning/towing an RV.  Instead we decided to camp away from all of the crowds, and secured a spot several miles north in a campground with a fabulous view of the ocean.

After setting up camp in Concord, we headed out to get dinner and do some shopping to purchase a few things for the RV, and then literally crashed about 11:00 p.m. The dogs did amazingly well, and we were glad we brought them along.

Thursday morning was really cold. Thankfully the heater in the RV worked great, and we were almost too warm.

We got the RV packed up and did our checklist to make sure we didn’t forget to unhook anything. The Captain re-attached the RV to the truck, and we were off, after a quick stop at the RV dealership to make sure the sway bars were attached correctly.

Thursday was a really long day. The Captain went about 55 mph for most of the day, while getting a feel for the RV and how big it was. He has towed ski boats his entire life, however, he had never towed something this big, so it took awhile getting used to.

We got to our campsite in the Daytona area late on Thursday evening, after the office had closed. It was dark, and our first time setting up without assistance. I was a little nervous, however, a really nice gentleman came right over with a big flashlight and assisted the Captain in backing in the RV.

Success!  Now we could settle in and get comfortable.

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