A New Beginning . . .


This little guy has been a ray of sunshine this week — a fierce little stray kitten that has totally stolen my heart.  He is SO damn cute, and Zachary adores him as well.  I have got to get a photo of Zachary (HUGE) and the kitten (tiny).  He doesn't have a name yet — because originally the plan was to find him a good home — but like the vet told me "He already has found a good home with you."  So it looks like a third cat, and Ginger and Kiki are none too happy, hissing at the new cat and hiding for two days now.  <SIGH>  Maybe I don't have kids because I'm supposed to rescue cats and dogs.

It's been a really tough week for me suffice it to say but that's how it goes sometimes and I needed a break from the daily blogging thing.  There's also been a lot of good stuff too — the new kitten adopting us ;-), getting a 97 on my Photography Quiz, and getting a part-time job offer from The Paper Source which will be opening November 22, 2008 in the Annapolis Towne Center.  I start training on October 30th.  I get to do demos (on craft related products) and also teach crafty classes — all of this so right up my alley and so right on time with how it all went down, so I know this is meant to be.

Whatever you do this weekend, do something creative.

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  1. This is all some really great news. I’m sorry it’s been a rough week, I can feel you on that one! I’m glad you kept the baby! Sounds like you were drawn to him. And SUPER great news about Paper Source!!!! You’ll have to start coming up with ideas for classes, esp for the holidays. I hope you’re doing okay, honey. Hang in there, love you.

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