A Paw Print on my Heart

DSC_9920 copyLR
Zachary's paw print.  I totally forgot that I had dropped off this kit at the vet's office the morning "of."  The vet tech did the paw print for me.  My name wasn't on the kit, and some other dog's picture in the other frame, and in all of the confusion no one at the vet's office realized it was Zachary's paw print, until I called looking for it the other day, and finally picked it up yesterday.  Zachary had HUGE paws.

This is the photo I put in the other side:

The frame needed a portrait photo, and I realized I had very few portrait shots of Zachary, most of them are landscape.  So this was one of the few portrait sized photos I had of Zachary.  All of the "white" looking stuff is actually rain drizzle.  That dog loved the water, no matter what form, rain, snow, or bodies of water big enough to swim in.

I loved when he would look at the camera.

I love you, buddy, and miss you terribly.

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