A Peaceful Post Holiday


It is quiet around here.  Quiet is good.  It allows for contemplative thinking about plans and goals for the upcoming New Year. I got a good couple of hours in cleaning up my office (which is where all of the Christmas extras were stored — wrapping paper, tissue paper, presents, etc.)

I felt a little antsy later in the afternoon, and I thought I had talked myself into buying this as a belated Christmas present for myself.  So, I headed up to the mall and there wasn't a parking space to be found — I ended up parking way far away in another shopping center and hoofing it over to Nordstrom.  And believe it or not, less than an hour later, I walked out of the mall empty handed.  I just couldn't justify the cost.  I just didn't *love* it that much.  And, to spend that kind of money, I have to be in LOVE beyond measure with the item.  I also went into the Apple store to eye the 15" Mac Book Pro I didn't get for Christmas 😉  (I guess you have to have something to work towards).

So, I came on home and fixed some dinner, and am going to watch the Sound of Music.

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