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A photo I took yesterday of some of the gourds I didn't carve for Halloween.  So they're officially fall, and Thanksgiving decor.  (I love to recycle things from one holiday into another holiday!)  I love the way the sunlight is reflected through the blinds onto the gourd.  It is definitely NOT sunny today.  It has been raining all day.  Every day it rains like this I say a prayer of thanks that I don't have to do that commute to DC anymore.  When it rained, add on a half hour to my already hour and a half commute each way.  It sucked — BIG time.

So moving on, I am feeling overwhelmed by all that there is to do.  I have been operating without a "to do" list for some time now, and no wonder I'm overwhelmed!  I always do better when I can see what I need to do written down in front of me, and even better cross things off!

I have so many ideas in my head about stuff I need to do, want to do, and shouldn't be bothered doing, and it's all varied and fits in different categories of my life.  Some things are general household chores, while others involve creative endeavors, business ideas, or thoughts about future projects.  I know some people have different "to-do" lists for the different areas of their lives.  Maybe this is something I should try, because having everything on one "to do" list is daunting to say the least.

Currently, just a few things on my "to do" list:

  • Research travel packages for Ireland (yes, going there in April 2011 with my friend, Yvonne, — SO excited!)
  • Edit photos from trips and recent photo shoot and get them uploaded for printing (and get them ordered!)
  • Price out a request for a photo shoot in St. Mary's County
  • Get Christmas Journal ready
  • Finalize logo for photography business
  • Order business cards — found a cool site that you can upload a different photograph for each business card — SO cool!
  • Organize cookbook/recipe files
  • Do a "mock" portrait set-up
  • Get blog posts uploaded much earlier (like the day before to automatically publish at 7:00 a.m.)

Going to give this multiple list thing a try — a list for home stuff, work/business stuff, creative stuff.  I also need to set some hours aside each day to devote to each category.

I really do need to get better about organizing my days — they just seem to slip away all too quickly!

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  1. beyond jealous about Ireland trip! it will be on our next europe trip… whenever that wil be. joe’s 1/2 irish and i’m 1/4. have you looked at the rick steves’ videos i got you? that may have some helpful hints and suggestions to help your research.
    uggghhhh recipe organization. that needs to be on my 2011 to-do list.

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