A Tour of Home Away from Home


The view from the back of the RV from our current location near Daytona Beach, Florida. Don’t let the view fool you. It’s been really cold even by Maryland standards.

IMG_8279LROur setup for the past week.  Now that we’ve been RV’ers for about eight days, I thought I’d give you a tour of our home on wheels.

We looked for a really long time before purchasing an RV. There are so many options to choose from: RVs you drive and park (which are really nice, however, you also need to tow a vehicle behind the RV so you don’t have to unhook everything every time you need to run an errand), and within the RVs that you drive, there are several different classes, A, B, C. We didn’t want anything with a motor on this first RV. We don’t plan to live in the RV full time, and anything with a motor that sits for an extended period of time isn’t good for the engine.

We selected a travel trailer which is towed behind a vehicle and you park the RV, unhook it from the vehicle and hook up your electric, water, sewer, cable, and then you have a vehicle to get around in. Travel trailers are a less expensive option than the RVs that you drive, and in my opinion, a good first choice for anyone new to RVing.

People tend to buy huge with their RVs, no matter what style. Our RV, at 26 feet, is by far one of the smallest in the campground. However, it is big enough for two people and two dogs, which is all that mattered to us.

IMG_8334(The view when you first walk in).  Within each class of RVs there are a million (or so it seems) models and floor plans to choose from. We knew we wanted to have the bedroom separated with a door, so that if someone wanted to stay up later, the person going to bed wouldn’t be disturbed. We wanted the bathroom close to the bedroom, and we also wanted an open floor plan with enough room to accommodate two medium-sized dog crates. We found exactly what we were looking for in a 26′ RV. We really wanted a smaller RV, however, when we saw the amenities in the 26′ model, we were both sold. Plus, it was laid out exactly the way we wanted. The only thing missing was an outdoor kitchen, which the Captain was pretty set on having in an RV. I’ll have to see what I can do to create an outdoor kitchen experience.  Meanwhile, the inside kitchen looks like this:



imageI added a few of my own touches with the owl vase, that I am using to hold utensils, and the colander, which is serving double duty as a fruit bowl.

In the dinette, I added some colorful placemats, and I love fresh flowers (which are a great way to add some color, as long as you are going to be in one place for awhile).




One of the best features of our RV is that the bedroom is in the back of the RV, with it’s own separate entrance, the bathroom is right next to the bedroom and then the living area and kitchen with the TV/stereo. You can’t hear the TV in the bedroom, which is really nice.  However, we had to put something over the window on the door to block out the early morning sun.  When the weather is nice, we can leave the door open and have the screen allow fresh air to circulate.

So far, RV living is great. There are a few minor tweaks we want to make. Our RV has two rocker chairs that can be moved around, and we want to take at least one, if not both of those out to better accommodate the dog crates.

I have also been on Pinterest, and see a million creative options for making the RV more like ours instead of a generic cookie cutter version of all of the other RVs out there. The changes are strictly cosmetic, paint, new upholstery and curtains. I already changed out the bedspread, and put a quilt from home on the bed.

IMG_8347LRThe other big thing when you are camping in your RV is when anything is out of place; it makes the RV look really messy, so I have been trying really hard to put all of my craft stuff away when I’m finished. 🙂

The only downside to camping in our current location is that the Internet connection sucks. There is limited or no availability most of the time, even using two networks, AT&T and Verizon.

In spite of the Internet situation, so far I think we’re both enjoying the RV experience.

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