A Trip to the Vet

Ginger making himself quite at home at the vet's office this morning.  

Ginger has an upper respiratory infection and his meows are sounding quite hoarse.   So, a trip to the vet for Ginger and Zachary for check-ups and a seriously painful bill of over $300 for "wellness" stuff, like tests for feline immunodeficiency virus (feline AIDS and feline leukemia), negative for Ginger (but has to be done since Ginger goes outside, and now needs to be vaccinated against it — he used to be strictly an indoor cat, but he likes to go outside and he doesn't hunt, which is the only reason he gets to go outside), and a $60 shot of antibiotics for the upper respiratory infection.  No, I did not make a typo, $60 for a shot for a CAT.  That keeps both me and Ginger from stressing out over the pills I would otherwise be shoving down his throat, so probably worth it in the long run.

Zachary needed a refill on his heart worm tablets, so a test to make sure he's negative for heart worms (which he was), plus the office visit and the prescription for the heart worm preventative, Heartgard.  Going to the vet has gotten incredibly expensive.  I am grateful for all of the strides being made in veterinary medicine, so I just need to NOT complain about the cost.  So there are things that I didn't have done, like blood work for my "senior" dog and cat.  Seriously, if they were sick, fine, no problem, draw blood.  Fortunately, they are both in excellent health so I am thankful for that.

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