A Well Intentioned Dream


I realize my posts of late have taken on an almost "auto-pilot" sort of feel.  Like I am just going through the motions of posting — but there's nothing relevant or topical (maybe tropical ;-)) in them.  Part of my struggle is making it through winter motivated — a very difficult task for me — is because I honestly feel like I am part grizzly bear and need to be hibernating until spring 😉

My life has presented me with many unique challenges — I haven't followed the norm of most other women — which tends to leave me feeling rather isolated at times — and nothing and I mean nothing has turned out like I expected.  I just know that I have many dreams unfulfilled — just like we all do, and it's time to do something about that.

I got back into the darkroom yesterday after a long hiatus and it felt great.  I developed two rolls of film and caught up with my instructor who is going to teach me more advanced printing techniques ;-)  That's the key — following your passions.

P.S.  I will change my "January" banner when I get my desktop back — it's still in the shop (since Monday).

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