Almost Vacation ;-)


Taken at Herrington Harbour South with my Nikon Coolpix.

Wow, the family beach vacation is almost here.  I realize I was just on vacation in June, but that seems a million years away now.  I've worked a lot of hours since I got back and it will feel good to hit the beach — bathing suit, sunscreen, a good book and an umbrella.  (There's a LOT more stuff than that we typically drag to the beach — but that's the general idea).  Looking forward to catching up with family and chilling out with no agenda (others may have one but I don't).

Working for most of today, but off tomorrow and hope to have some photos of the finished album (from Maine and Massachusetts) to post.

After vacation, it'll be time to go back to class on August 24th.  This semester I'm taking:  History of Photography, Photographic Lighting, and Color Photography.  I am really looking forward to the classes.

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