Always Have a Back-up Plan

My Christmas cactus is blooming 😉  I love how easy this plant is to care for.  It is a new type of Christmas cactus.  I have an old fashioned Christmas cactus as well from my Granny Meadows that never blooms for me.  It must be the lighting in my house.  Mom has a cutting from this plant that grew and blooms like crazy.  So my back up plan was to get at least one of my Christmas cacti to bloom.

I have also been obsessed lately with backing up my computer files.  It's something I know I need to do and I haven't done it since I got my Mac in September of 2009.  I know I would have been absolutely sick if something happened and I lost all of my files.  So I bit the bullet yesterday and went to Best Buy and bought an external hard drive already formatted for the Mac.  (I have an external hard drive already, but it has tons of photos backed up on it, and the Mac wanted to reformat it (and erase all the files already on there) to make it compatible to back up Mac files, so the reason for the procrastination on not getting another external hard drive).  This new My Book for Mac external hard drive has 1 Terabyte of memory which is equivalent to 1,000 GB.  It took 6 hours to back up my computer and the new hard drive has only 500 GB left now.  I have WAY too many photos on my computer, so I'm going back to Best Buy and purchase another Mac compatible external hard drive with 1 TB of memory and put my entire photo library on the external hard drive.  It will free up so much space on my computer, and I really have to get better about deleting photos.

P.S.  Just ordered another 2 Terabyte My Book for Mac from for the same price I paid for the 1 TB.

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