Always Have a Plan B…


We were at the beach at 8:45 a.m. this morning.  We left home at 6:15 a.m.

Zachary did NOT do well at the beach, so I am back home with him tonight and he's going to the kennel tomorrow — a window was open on the bottom level of the house (and I didn't know it — left open by the previous tenants) and Mom and I went grocery shopping and left Zachary in the house, and he tore up the wooden blinds (they are SO history) and BUSTED out of the screen window and was running loose in the neighborhood! Luckily Mom and I got back not too long after it happened, and Zachary just ran up to me like "Where have you been!!!!! I've been looking for you!!!!

Zachary visited everyone at the pool apparently, and some nice kids (boys) gave him some water. He panted for 3 hours after that. Too much stress for us both, so Mom's at the beach tonight and I'm here at home, exhausted and going to get an early start tomorrow, after dropping Zachary off at the kennel. I think he's just too set in his ways and needs the structure of what's normal to him, and that kennel is "normal" to him when I travel. He has never destroyed anything at my house, and I can't believe he did that to the house at the beach — but the owner was okay with it, and felt sorry for Zachary so it's all good….stuff can be replaced, and lesson learned for me — Zachary needs his routine that he's used to…he doesn't travel well, and let's face it he has some SERIOUS separation anxiety — I need to fix that.

I will seriously be relaxing tomorrow when I get back to the beach 😉

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