An Addendum to “The Downside of Living in an RV”

It seems like I forgot a couple of things when I drafted my post “The Downside of Living in an RV:”image1.  When one or both of you get sick 🙁  The Captain and I both like to be left alone when we are sick, and that’s a bit difficult to accomplish when living in such a tiny space, and all that comes with being sick, like needing to use the bathroom much more often.  The Captain got sick when we arrived in Port St. Lucie.  We stayed with a friend for an extra day, and then I started feeling bad yesterday.  This morning, we decided to drive up to Daytona, as we had tickets for the Sprint Unlimited race this evening.  We were on schedule until about 38 miles from our destination when a good Samaritan on 95 North alerted the Captain to a huge problem:

imageThe wheel bearings on this trailer tire basically exploded.  Smoke was coming from the tire, and the Captain has to make an emergency stop to assess the damage, which indicated he could not drive any further without repair from roadside assistance.

The Captain got off at the next exit, and found a Home Depot Parking Lot.  We have Good Sam Club, which is basically AAA for RVs, and the Captain put in a call.

The mechanic showed up a little before 5 pm, and said the Captain was lucky that the tire didn’t explode and come off of the rim, and damage the RV and create potentially hazardous road conditions for other drivers.

The brake linings melted off of the wheel and damaged the wheel axle, and now the entire wheel housing has to be replaced.

The mechanic took the wheel off and told the Captain he could make it the 30+ miles to our campsite by staying off of 95, and taking Route 1.

The mechanic is coming back next week to repair the wheel at our campsite near Daytona, at which time I will share exactly what happened from an expert’s opinion.

Our RV is only a year old, and the Captain went to a certified RV dealer to have the trailer wheel bearings checked before we left home in January and he was told the wheel bearings didn’t need to be repacked until about 15,000 miles.

I remember vividly when we were looking at travel trailers, the Captain insisted on dual wheels on each side of the unit in the event of a tire blowout.  That way you hopefully don’t lose total control of your vehicle and what you are towing, and more importantly cause a hazard to other drivers.

Awesome call.

I also know that the Captain drives SO cautiously with our home on wheels, and rarely goes faster than 55 mph.

I really think that saved his life today, and perhaps the lives of others as well.

As for me, I am driving separately in my car and since I am now sick, and we didn’t know if the RV would be towable when the mechanic showed up at the Home Depot parking lot to assess the damage to the RV wheel, we decided to get a hotel room near the campground.

The Captain took his time and arrived at the campground and got all set up.  He is staying with the trailer.

And look what I found in the hotel parking lot when I arrived to check in:

imageThe 2015 Champion’s hauler!

A definite silver lining in this day.

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