An Almost Christmas Birthday

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Having a birthday so close to Christmas often means you get lost in the shuffle of the holiday – everyone is busy, shopping, wrapping and preparing for “the big day” that “your big day” isn’t so much in the grand scheme of things. My brother and sister have it even worse than I do.  My brother was born on Christmas Eve and my sister on New Year’s Eve, so their birthdays are always shared with other HUGE holiday celebrations.  Our families and loved ones do make a special effort to make our birthdays separate from the other big holiday celebrations.

It really is kind of nice to have a birthday this time of year when everyone is feeling festive, and everything is so beautifully decorated. The past few years (since 2007 to be exact, and the same year I quit smoking as my birthday present to myself), I have always spent some time alone, and celebrated my birthday in my own way, whether treating myself to lunch or a birthday cupcake, or something else that is just my own special moment that isn’t shared with another person. I also take that time to reflect on the year gone by, what went right, and what didn’t and what changes I want to make in the coming year.  It is the gift I look forward to all year, one that doesn’t cost anything, and is probably one of the most loving things I do for myself all year.  So here’s to another year!

I think for this coming year, I may try something that I read about on Elise's blog, which she titled "25 things to do while 25."  She made a mini book to chronicle her year of being 25.  Of course, my title and list of things will be a lot bigger than 25, 48 to be exact.

But, I think I can handle it. 

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