An Amazing Adventure

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I spent two full days in a photography workshop taking photos of hummingbirds.  The location was in Madera Canyon, the nearest city isTucson.  There was no cell phone service or internet access.  The group of photographers stayed at the Santa Rita Lodge, which was very quaint, rustic and the perfect setting for photographing hummingbirds.  

The experience was AMAZING.  I learned so much about how to photograph the hummingbirds (obviously) but also I realized that I need to work on honing my photographic skills in general, not just for hummingbirds, but all of my photographic endeavors.

I've been lazy a lot, leaving the camera on auto mode, even when I've had the time and opportunity to do otherwise. When you put the camera on manual, and practice, practice, practice shooting photographs in different lighting situations and different settings, the results area always SO much better than when you leave the camera in auto mode.  

I also know that I need to edit and delete photos as they are downloading, and the key is learning to be ruthless in my photo editing. 

So, I'm going to be producing a lot of crappy shots to get the one stellar shot in totally manual mode.

And practice makes perfect…

(P.S.  Wish me luck…)


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