An Indoor Kind of Weekend

DSC_2200 copy
This is the portrait Tiffany picked out for her baby shower gift.  I printed it out on my new Epson R2880 printer on satin photo paper.  It turned out beautiful!  Satin photo paper is my new best friend.  I framed the print and it is ready to be wrapped up.  The baby shower is tomorrow, and I hope I am up to going.  I have a sinus infection — what a drag, and feeling like crap.  I already had to cancel plans for tonight with my friend, Julia, whom I haven't seen in months. 

Just as my backyard was drying out, here comes the rain again and big puddles have already formed in the backyard.  I am seriously discouraged, as the dogs go in and out tracking mud everywhere.  Hopefully it will dry out one of these days.  I guess the silver lining is that it's not snowing, and the temperatures are in the 50s now.  I'll take it.

I went to Whole Foods yesterday and am encouraged by the signs of spring I found:

That made me smile ;-) 

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