And The Winner Is…

And the winner is (actually two winners…)  Pat and Nana!  I had a lot of page views the past couple of days, but only two comments, so they will both be receiving a handmade book.  I have both of your addresses, so look for the book sometime this week, and thank you so much!  I'm going to give away more free stuff in the future, so stay tuned. 

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  1. Argh! I can’t believe I missed the contest!!! I was going to log on and respond and time slipped away from me. 🙁 Lovely book, you do such nice work, sista!

  2. @#$%^& i missed it too! i only get to get on every couple of weeks now!
    i love that cover!
    hey, put your brain on a creative and pretty way for me to collect all my magazine torn, card written, and full printed page recipes all in one “book” or whatever. something that will allow for all different sizes, but not necessarily a binder w/ crappy magnetic paper. and lastly, i would like it to look pretty and go w/ my kitchen!

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