Are You Kidding Me?


This is a copy of my cell phone bill that I received in the mail yesterday.  

I was sure there was a mistake somewhere…but no, there wasn't.

I'm not a big cell phone talker.

I do have an iphone, and I do surf the web, but that's not why my bill was so high.

I get 550 "anytime minutes" included with my plan.

I went OVER that 550 minutes by 226 minutes at a cost of .45 PER MINUTE.

There was also a "mobile purchase" from PlayPhone, Inc. for $14.95 which somehow appeared, and I know I didn't order it.  I did get that refunded from this month and last month.  This has happened before, so I need to audit my bill very carefully in the future.

I need to start checking my minutes online to make sure I don't go over again.

Lesson learned.


Now onto fun stuff.

I am teaching a class on how to make these boxes on Tuesday at the college.  

It is a Paper Source kit.  I'm teaching the class for a former Paper Source employee who was originally assigned to teach the class but moved out of the area.

I am hoping this opportunity will lead into more opportunities to teach classes on other craft projects.

It is still raining, but heading out today to run some errands.

Keeping my fingers crossed — Annie hasn't had any accidents in the house yet today.

Enjoy the weekend!

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