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I am addicted to these little frosted gingerbread men.  I was sitting here today editing photos for a photo shoot I did last week and couldn’t stop eating them.  I had to hide them from myself!

DSC_0231The leaves are SO beautiful in the neighborhood right now.  They are also falling like crazy!DSC_0232DSC_0234I still have marigolds blooming 😉DSC_0236An orange marigold mixed in with the fallen brown leaves.  A definite sign of fall.DSC_0237Captured a leaf falling mid-flight.

Very windy today.

I love the backdrop of the stunning blue sky against the trees and their changing colors.

I love the yellow leaves against the blue sky.

I love to see some black-eyed Susans still blooming.

And a purple cone flower.

A definite change of seasons, and I’m not a huge fan of winter.  However, when I stop to think about it, things are still growing and blooming this late in November, and things begin growing and blooming again in mid to late March so it’s only four months that things are dormant (at least on the surface).  That’s why a trip to somewhere warm and where things are in bloom is always in order in the dead of winter.

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