Around Here Today

Ireland, Book 2 covers have been created.  Now just have to add everything into the album.

The first caterpillar has climbed off the parsley and up the side of the castle and has begun its transformation.  Will post more photos.  By tomorrow, it won't even look like a caterpillar anymore.

Here are at least five more caterpillars, still feeding on the parsley.  Soon, they too, will leave the parsley and climb up the sides of the castle to begin their own transformation.  Here's hoping for healthy butterflies.

A cool spider web in the yard all highlighted with water from the sprinkler.

 The first of my purple cone flowers are beginning to bloom.

These lilies are also beginning to bloom.

And, of course, my hydrangea is blooming beautifully as well.

I love seeing all of my perennials healthy and blooming so vibrantly.

There are lots of happy life things going on around here today.

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