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Art Journal

I’m starting an official Art Journal.  My first love of art journals came from the book Artists’ Journals & Sketchbooks.  I recently purchased two (more) books on the subject – I just LOVE the concept of art journals – thanks to Ali for mentioning these titles on her blog:   1000 Artist Journal Pages and True Vision – Authentic Art Journaling.  In the book 1000 Artist Journal Pages, there are “Prompts to Get You Pumped,” so I used one of those to start a page (something happening right now – which on Saturday when I started was TS Hanna).  Not sure if I’ll publish the finished page – going to do some journaling and see where it ends up  — just for me – or for public consumption.  But this is the idea of just getting started and see where you end up.  These people are so incredibly talented, and inspire me to at least try and see where I end up.  Nothing wrong with that.  There's a young girl in my Drawing class named Christine, and she's always drawing in her art journal — she's really cool about letting you see what she's done — most of the things I've seen in her journal are drawings of her and her boyfriend, Chris, funny right?  Chris & Chris.  Anyway, she draws all her stuff in Sharpies — no pencil — no fear — Sharpie Markers — and another really cool thing I saw in her journal were a listing of all of these bands from my day — Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC — I guess the music recycles itself every 20 years or so — we would be so cool hanging out loving the same music…

Check out these sources for more inspiration:

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Drawing and Photography classes today.  Can’t wait to develop my roll of black & white film – it’s been sitting in the light proof canister since Thursday, just waiting, and waiting….  I’ll let you know how it all turns out (hopefully good and I didn’t screw anything up!)

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