Art Show, Round #2

DSC_1711 copy
These are how the framed pieces look for the Annapolis Maritime Museum art show.  I had to rethink my pricing because the museum will take 30% of whatever sells.  I am certainly not willing to do this for free.  Especially for the black and white prints.  Each of those took at least an hour to perfect and then process.  My time is valuable.  So, I priced the pieces as follows:

Swan – $150

Bay Bridge – $125

Feeding Frenzy – $125

Drop off for the show is Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  (As luck would have it, it is supposed to be a rainy day – but I’ll just roll with it). 

Taking advantage of the cold weather to work in my office.  I am currently learning Dreamweaver and Illustrator.  I want to create my own unique logo.  I have the tools, so now all I need to do is develop the skills and get the content written for the site.  This procrastination is definitely becoming a problem.  I think the “Slow and Steady” approach is in order, and the mantra “Just do ONE THING today to start moving in the right direction.”  Good plan.

I’m going to use the January banner for February, just change the month.  I love the swan banner, and it didn't get much face time in January. I just love seeing those swans on my walks with Annie, and making an effort to take Annie for a walk every single day.  For awhile it was hard to take Annie for walks without Zachary, but now it's much better.

Now back to work.


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