Art Therapy = Cool Travel Journal

So, this is the outside cover of the journal I made after taking Mary Ann Moss's class, Remains of the Day.  What a brilliant concept.  Take stuff on hand and make other really cool stuff.  (On the right side where you see that patterned piece of paper — there is actually a photo underneath that I took of someone else's art work, so I didn't want to publish it here as my own work).  

When I make another journal, I will most likely create sheet protector pockets for the photos and stitch them closed to protect the photos better.

This is the inside cover — pink naturally.

These are my signature blocks, which I will fill up with pockets and scraps and bits of random paper I've been saving forever.

I loved how Mary Ann wasn't afraid to cut, rip, tear, or use her stuff.  It's SO liberating to see her work and adapt it to my own style.

I encourage you to take this class if you'd like to make your own journal and use up those long saved, coveted scraps.

Mary Ann makes her travel journals ahead of time and then fills them up with journaling, post cards and other memorabilia when she's on the road.  What a great concept.  She doesn't get caught up in the PERFECTION of things.

Will post more of my travel journal as I get more of it done.

A rainy day here, so a great day to work on the journal and stay indoors.

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