Baby Birds

The nesting box on the fence has been there for at least 5 years, and no birds have ever nested in it until this year.  I am so HAPPY to see a pair of birds raising their family there this year.  The male bird has a tuft on his head, and I've consulted with my bird friend who thinks it's some kind of swallow, a bank or tree swallow.  It's hard to get good photos because the side of the box lifts up, but not high enough to get a great view of the babies, who all have feathers now.  I think they will be leaving the nest any time.  But in the meantime, the mama and papa birds are feeding those hungry babies at a frenetic pace.  It'll be a good thing that the dogs will be out of the backyard at the kennel next week, so those babies can take their time fledgling and flying.    

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