Back to Basics

image image image imageNew Year, and time to get back into some long forgotten routines.

The first one is fitness.   I purchased a great backpack that holds 100 oz of water called the Camelbak.  I tried  it out a few days ago, and was very pleased with the results. I need to find some great walking/hiking trails here in Maryland and go for it.

Second, is making a conscious decision to eat more vegetarian and eliminate (as much as possible) dairy,  and meat.

Third, is putting away all of the Christmas decorations.  I have made a dent in it, but nowhere close to where I need to be.  Focusing on that is a top priority this week.

Fourth, reconnect with some friends.

Fifth, is making a decision that I don’t need to take anymore online classes right now having to do with scrapbooking, home organizing or any other such thing.  Have confidence in your abilities.  Stop doubting yourself.  Carve your OWN path.

Sixth, just relax and don’t sweat anything right now.

It’s okay.


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