Back to the Drawing Board?

Remember when I said one of my resolutions for this year was to incorporate daily drawing into my art journal?  Well, I haven't been so good at keeping that resolution — however, now I am being forced to draw for an assignment in Digital Design Foundation.  A simple everyday object such as a clothespin, stapler, scissors, hole punch, etc.  It should be something with moving parts.  The premise of the assignment is to draw the object and then creatively crop out 4" x 4" portions and redraw.  We need to draw 6 to 10 4"x4" creative angles to be turned in tomorrow.  I am feeling the pressure….

On a totally unrelated subject, I ordered the coolest case for my iphone here.  You can upload your own artwork as well.  Pretty cool.  I just ordered one of their designs but maybe in the future, I'll upload one of my own photographs.

Today, I'm working in the darkroom.  On Monday I processed 4 rolls of black and white film (which is about all I had time to do —  I didn't even have time to make the contact sheets).  I think I have some pretty good stuff to work with.  Sometimes people have other agendas for your time, so I have a plan for today — go into the darkroom with my earbuds in and the music on.  In other words, I'm not inviting any distractions or one sided conversations.

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