Backyard Friends

I may not live on a ranch or a farm with lots of animals, and all that excitement that goes along with having a lot of animals, but right here on my .25 acres I have lots of backyard visitors.  Over the years, I have photographed many of them, and I wanted to share my secret friends with you.  I tempt all of them to my backyard with lots of treats and incentives.

I’ll try to name all of them, though I’m not sure of some of their names:

DSC_2000 Downy Woodpecker eating suet, a favorite treat for many birds.

DSC_2843Very nice birds sharing the feeder (which doesn’t always happen).  There’s a purple finch on the right and house finches on the left (I think)…

DSC_6761Yellow Finch

DSC_7377aRed-bellied Woodpecker (male)

DSC_4246Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal (year round visitors)

DSC_5710Mr. Cardinal


DSC_7388Blue Jay


DSC_7116aFood fight!

DSC_2809This squirrel getting in on the act too – so funny!       

DSC_3176A black swallowtail butterfly getting the dew out of a Morning Glory.

DSC_3224An eastern box turtle also made its way into the yard for a quick visit and an even quicker exit.

DSC_3245A bumblebee in the sunflower… from last summer…

DSC_3250A monarch butterfly visiting the sunflowers (also from last summer). 

There are some visitors missing – the mourning doves, starlings, and grackles.  A pretty good showing nonetheless. 

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