Beach Inspired Projects

The weather wants to hang on to hot, sticky, and miserable, which makes me just want to stay inside.  Even the pool isn't tempting — it's just too hot to be baking out in the sun.  So, am working on a journal inspired by water color pencils in beach colors:

DSC_7434 copy
Take water color pencils and color in your canvas in way you like.

DSC_7435 copy
Add water and like magic, you get a cool blending effect.  Let dry and add your photos or whatever.  

DSC_7312 copy
I am also working on adding beach glass to a frame for another project I'm working on.  I'll share the results of both projects in another post.

DSC_7363 copy
Realizing I need to interject some peace and healing into a situation in my life.  I'm hoping this hand made card does the trick or at least gets some dialogue going in the right direction.

DSC_7350 copy
I captured this beautiful hummingbird by random yesterday.  I am working on trying to capture them more away from the feeder (which is proving next to impossible, but I'm not giving up).

I have been spending the past few days out on the patio getting things planted, watered, put away so that I can reclaim my outdoor living space.  I miss being able to sit out there in the evenings when the mosquitoes aren't too bad, and there is a nice breeze blowing.

Onto tackle the many projects I have all going on at once.  Is there really any other way for me?  

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