Beach Vacation is Winding Down


So much can be said with photos.  Sometimes no words are necessary.  Sometimes words are necessary, such as “I was at the beach this year with my Mom,” because she isn’t in any of the photos.  We have very few photos together, and we spend time together at least twice during the year on vacations.  It is her choice not to be included in the photos.  I have to respect that, although I wish it was different.  I do know that my Mom took lots of photos of her mother, my Granny, and I love looking at those photos and remembering what a great lady my Granny was.

Moving on.

This week has been chilly and not very good beach weather.  So, doing other things.  Mom and I went to  Rehoboth Beach, and had lunch at the Back Porch Cafe, we visited historic Lewes, Delaware, and also the historic town of Berlin, Maryland.


Yesterday, we ventured to Fenwick Island and had a great lunch at a place called the Lobster Shanty.  I had a fabulous lobster roll (pictured above) and Mom had a crab cake sandwich.  You cannot beat crab cakes this time of year here in Maryland.  The lobster roll was the best I’ve had outside of New England.


This was the view from our table.  Amazing.

After lunch, we did some window shopping and found this amazing gem:


I love her and want to take her home.  That just may happen.  I have loved mermaids for so long, even before they became “mainstream.”  Only certain types of mermaids appeal to me, and once all of the fuss has died down and the public has moved on to admire something else, the mermaid magic will return.  Of that I am certain.

Yesterday evening, the Harvest Moon was scheduled to rise at 6:24 p.m.  Mom and I got to the beach only to find the clouds hugging the horizon where the moon was supposed to rise.  Sunset wasn’t until 7:00 p.m. so there was already a lot of light, and the chances of great moon photos not great at all.  So as the moon rose behind the clouds, we didn’t see it until about 15 minutes later:


But got some other photos:


DSC_0857LRAfter the disappointing moon rise, Mom and I were walking back to the car, and I saw a couple taking a photo with the camera set up on a fence post with an automatic timer.  No good.  I stopped and asked them if they needed a photo, and they said “yes.”  They were a lovely couple, and she was seven months pregnant.  I was happy to help that couple with their photos.   They didn’t find out if they were having a boy or a girl.  I wish them and their new baby every happiness.

When we got back to our place in paradise, look what we found:


The sun setting over Assawoman Bay.  The above shot was taken with no preparation.  The birds began flying and I started shooting.  LOVE the way this turned out.


A magical sunset.

So the lesson from yesterday:  even though what I planned to photograph didn’t work out the way I wanted, something even better came about.


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