Beautiful Belle


I have been photographing this baby since before she was born.  
Belly PhotoLR

I have known her Mom since she was born and her Mom since 9th grade in high school.  So three generations of this family have been part of my family for a really long time.  The family photo shoot of Tiffany, Paul and Belle was a little more challenging this time around because Belle is now fully walking and doesn't stay still for long.

Belle also has an obsession with shoes, not only her own, but everyone else's.  Everytime I took off my flip flops, Belle was right there making sure to "help" me put them back on.  Belle is a wonderfully socal and friendly toddler, and it's always a pleasure to photograph her.

Now onto post-editing in Photoshop and uploading them to a professional print service.  I have been using Shutterfly.
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