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I was working on these decoupage projects instead of wrapping gifts and getting my own Christmas house in order and fell behind.  Even my Christmas Journal is way behind.  The decoupage project was for a demo and to be able to teach a class on decoupage.  The project was critiqued at the first level and I was not chosen to proceed to the next level unless some of the pieces were re-done — which are due tomorrow.  I decided not to pursue teaching decoupage at this time.  There is too much other stuff going on, and hopefully I will have the opportunity to teach other classes in the future.  This was also a lesson — decoupage is not something I have a passion for and if I'm going to teach students about something, it should be something I'm passionate about.

Other than that, it's going to be a low key, keep warm kind of day, wrapping presents, baking a cake to take to my Mom's on Christmas Eve.

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